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The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Snoop Dogg,Ludacris,Faith Evans - Living The Life

Geiles Lied zwar nich deutsch aber das musste jetzt einfach sein

Refrain Bobby Valentino and Cheri Dennis:

Big cities and bright lights
Short days and long nights
No stress and no strife
I'm high off living the life

Notorious B.I.G:

Bitch, you crazy? Commitments, I'm Swayze
No time for the ill shit
Mess with the niggaz on that real blood spill shit
My rappin' tactics, are drastic
Stretchin' motherfuckers like Mr. Fantastic
So if you wanna see my Pedigree, you better be
filled with energy, niggaz never gettin' me


It's clear to see that I'm the motherfuckin' man,
I done learned from the best of em;
Took the first slot, niggaz still second guessin' em
Hoes, I'm undressin' em', foes, I'm not stresin' em'
Outlastin' a bunch of 'em , outflowed the rest of em'

Snoop Dogg:

You fuckin' up the rules to this dirty game, and it's a dirty shame
I ain't flippin' out, that's probably why I'm dippin' out
Ya'll fools trippin' out, that why I'm on a different route
Now, makin' money, havin' clout, what's what it's all about
Twenty seven cars and a tweleve bedroom house
Now they call me Snoopy Trump

14.11.06 19:11

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